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This theme has everything you need to create cool landing pages & one-page websites.

  • Fullscreen slideshows
  • Colored content stripes
  • Ancor navigation
  • Custom responsiveness settings
  • Counters & progress bars
  • Cool animation effects
  • Powerful pricing tables
  • Various links & buttons
  • Custom responsiveness settings
  • Tons of ready-made page templates



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The7 is modern, powerful & easy to use WordPress theme.
It will become a reliable foundation for your next website!

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Thousands of customers. 5 star rating. Hundreds of positive feedbacks.
Check out what buyers are saying about The7 and why they love it so much.

“This is beyond great.  This is one of the best, if not the best sales enablement piece I have ever seen. Wow!”

CEOTSR Sales Enablement

“I would highly recommend them to any company needing assistance with their GTM strategy, demand generation planning & execution, and content marketing needs.”

VP Sales TSR Sales Enablement Client

“Just a quick note of thanks on the SKO.   A massive effort in a short amount of time with a truly impressive result.   You guys are really good at what you do!”

VP of Sales TSR Sales Enablement Client

“You guys ARE really good at what you do, and it’s a special testament to both your intellect and your salesmanship that you managed to grok our wonky business so effectively, like you’d worked here for years.”

Founder TSR Sales Enablement Client

“Thank you for the sales bootcamp, it was awesome!  As a new sales rep, this armed me with how to best sell our solution and definitely compressed my ramp up time.”

New HireSales Bootcamp Participant

“Kudos to TSR for building our database from scratch and helping us engage and close our first net new F1000 clients.  We simply couldn’t have don’t it without you in the timeframe that you made it happen.”

VP of SalesTSR Demand Gen Client

“The training ranks a 10 out of 10! It was by far the best sales training that I’ve ever participated in my 17+ years of enterprise technology sales career, and believe me I’ve been through them all.”

New Hire Sales Bootcamp Participant

“This was the most effective sales training I have ever had in sales.  Normally I don’t like role-playing exercises but the entire sales simulation was very realistic and helped me learn our field sales best practices through application.  Nicely done!”

New HireSales Bootcamp Participant


Embed videos or images with video hovers easily using “Fancy media” shortcode or Slider Revolution.

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