Here is a staggering statistic for you, according to Bloomberg, 80% of entrepreneurs fail in the first 18 months ( of launching their business.

Having said that, True Sales Results is delighted to celebrate our 8th year in business with unprecedented growth!  What do we attribute this to?  We’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with great customers ranging from start-ups going to market with a brand new product to Fortune 1000 companies that entrust us to develop and deliver global sales enablement programs and demand generation services.

We’ve worked with small sales teams to global sales teams numbering in the thousands.  The consistent theme is that it is simply harder than ever to engage and sell your technology solutions effectively.  Customers expect a lot more from their sales teams and vendors.  Buyers conduct a lot of their technology evaluation research without including the vendors or sales people.  Sales teams are at a distinct disadvantage, unless they avail themselves to change.

We start with the sales enablement strategy.  Why do you need to change the way that you are engaging and selling to your customers?  What are you doing that is working well?  What are you doing that isn’t working well?  What do your prospects and customers think of the way that you sell?  How is your competition positioning against you and vice versa?

All of this strategic analysis leads us to the key sales capabilities that you need to develop, propogate and coach your sales teams to effectively deliver on.  We develop custom content in various forms that is used for training and coaching purposes.  This content includes sales playbooks, customer discussion guides, competitive positioning guides, sales cycle guides mapped to your buyer’s journey, sales best practices videos and audios, etc.

The culmination is a workshop or sales bootcamp style training where we walk through a simulated sales cycle against mock customer scenarios.  Experiential learning has proven to be the most effective way for sales reps to learn and our results are a direct testament to that.

Thanks to the scores of customers over the last 8 years that have entrusted their sales enablement and demand generation needs to True Sales Results!  We have proudly enabled over 10,000 sales reps globally and developed over $100M in sales pipeline in conjunction with our customers.  We have learned from our customers and been driven to introduce the most progressive sales models, content and training to their sales teams.

We look forward to the next 8 years and continually being on the forefront of innovation in delivering our sales enablement and demand generation services!